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Forestry Industry

The Peace Forest District covers over 4 million hectares of land and includes all property in the Peace River Regional District.  This Forest District houses two Timber Supply areas (TSA), the Fort St. John TSA and the Dawson Creek TSA. The Dawson Creek TSA is 2.078 million hectares and is bordered by the Alberta border to the east, Peace River to the north, Hart Mountain range to the west and Front Range to the south.  It provides use and purpose to many different stakeholders in the region.  The Dawson Creek TSA supplies opportunities for the production and harvest of wood products, forage and habitat for wildlife and livestock, varied recreational opportunities and the preservation of specific sites.  The Peace Forest District works to ensure that the people of today and future generations can enjoy the social and economic benefits of our forests.   

Timber Supply in Dawson Creek
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Source: Timber Supply Review: Ministry of Forests 

Timber Supply for Dawson Creek

Since 2003 the current allowable annual cut for the Dawson Creek TSA is set at 1.86 million cubic meters.  The supply area has Spruce, Pine, Balsam, Aspen and Birch for harvesting while Spruce and Pine are the two species being re-planted.  The forest sector in the South Peace provides 1700 jobs.  For recreational purposes there are 30km of hiking trails, 25km of cross-country ski trails and 400km of snowmobile trails that are all maintained.