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Manufacturing Contacts

Manufacturing Businesses, Companies and Links

British Columbia Manufacturing Directory

Website: (link opens in a new window)
This directory lists more than 4800 companies and provides valuable information on each business.  BC Stats and the Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development produced the directory to support and promote local manufactures.

Dawson Creek Industries Ltd

Phone:  250 782-2447
Located in Dawson Creek, DC Industries Ltd is a machining and welding shop.

Ferus Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Ferus Incorported is creating a liquid nitrogen manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Dawson Creek.  The plant comes with a capital investment of $20 million and is a state-of-the art facility that will enable Ferus to meet the demands for liquid nitrogen in the area.  The gas is used to stimulate production of natural gas from wells.  The plant will be completed and operational by 2011.

Greensmart Manufacturing Ltd

Website: (link opens in a new window)
Incorporated in 2002, Greensmart is a corporation involved in energy-efficient building construction and building products.  They design and fabricate Greensmart panels for use in prefabricated packages, custom homes, modular homes, and other buildings in the building industry.  Creensmart Panels are called structural insulated panels (ISP’s) and are used for walls, roofs, foundation walls, and floors in residential or commercial buildings.

HJB Manufacturing

Website:  250 784-5062
HJB is a Dawson Creek company involved in welding and fabricating.

L.P. Building Supplies (Louisiana Pacific)

Website: (link opens in a new window)
Founded in 1973, L.P. is a leading manufacturer of high quality building materials.  They focus on delivering innovative high-quality commodity and specialty building products to retail, wholesale, homebuilding and industrial customers.  L.P. operates in three segments: oriented strand board, siding, and engineered wood products.

Nor-Tech Welding and Fabricating Inc

Phone:  250 782-3833
Nor-Tech is company in Dawson Creek who is involved in tank manufacturing, welding and fabricating.

Precision Welding Ltd

Phone:  250 782-5157
Precision is a Dawson Creek company involved in welding and fabricating.