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Mining Contacts

Mining Institutions, Companies and Links

Aggregate Producers Association of British Columbia

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This is a not-for-profit association representing members comprised of aggregate producers, suppliers and associates throughout the province of BC.  They work with governing bodies and seek to ensure the industry has an effective and lasting contribution to the economy and to the building of BC.

Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia

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AME BC is an association of experts, consultants, scientist and industry managers whose interests lie in seeing responsible mineral exploration and mining thrive in BC and around the world.  They promote a healthy, sustainable and environmentally sound mineral exploration and mining sector in British Columbia and help facilitate successful and responsible exploration. 

Canadian Dehua International

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Canadian Dehua was established in 2003 and is also located in downtown Vancouver.  They are engaged in coal investment and development around the world and are currently involved in the Gething project in the South Peace.  The project is estimated to create 2 million tonnes of coal a year for ten years.  There will be an expected 400 jobs created from the Gething project.

Coal Association of Canada

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The Coal Association of Canada represents companies engaged in the exploration, development, use and transportation of coal.  They provide a forum to discuss and coordinate the views of its members on matters of common interest.  The association’s “coal core” program of communication, outreach and education is instructive to helping stakeholders learn about the use of coal in the 21st century.

Environmental Assessment Office

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The EAO operates independently and coordinates the assessment of proposed major projects in BC as required under the Environmental Assessment Act.  EAO works with First Nations, government agencies and the public to ensure major projects are developed in a sustainable manner.  The assessment process examines major projects for potentially adverse environmental, economic, social, health and heritage effects that may occur during the lifecycle of these projects.

First Coal Corporation

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Founded in 2004, First Coal has more than 90,000 hectares under tenure license or under application license in the Peace River Coalfields.  Historical resources estimate the property to have 1.6 billion tonnes of primarily metallurgical coal.  First Coal has positioned them selves to be the first company in the world to mine coal from narrow, steeply dipping seams.  The company expects to extract bulk samples in 2010 and begin full production in 2013.

Geological Survey of Canada

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This is Canada’s primary agency for geoscientific information and research with world-class expertise focusing on geoscience surveys, sustainable development of Canada’s resources, environmental protection and technological innovations.  They supply the national geoscience knowledge base required to support effective mineral and hydrocarbon exploration and development across Canada.  They also provide the geological basis necessary to understand and address health, safety and environmental issues.

Geoscience British Columbia

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Geoscience BC is an industry led, not-for-profit applied geoscience organization.  They work in partnership with industry, academia, governments, First Nations, and communities to fund geoscience projects with the objective to attract mineral and oil and gas exploration to British Columbia.  Their mandate includes the collection, interpretation and delivery of geoscience data and expertise to promote investment in resource exploration and development in British Columbia.

Mining Association of British Columbia

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The Mining Association of BC (MABC) represents the collective needs and interests of operating coal, metal and industrial mining companies in British Columbia.  MABC publicly promotes the economic and social values of mining.  The Association’s main priority is to keep mining as an essential part of the British Columbia economy.  The association provides member companies with a wide variety of services including acting as liaison between government legislature and the members.     

The Mining Association of Canada

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The MAC’s mission is to promote, with member’s collective action’s, the growth and development of Canada’s mining and mineral-processing industry.  The MAC is made up of companies engaged in mineral exploration, mining, smelting refining, and semi-fabricating.  Their primary role is to present the industries information and views to the federal government.  The broad function of the MAC is to promote the interests of the industry nationally and internationally, to work with governemtn on policies affecting minerals, to inform the public and to promote cooperation between member firms and solve common problems.

Ministry of Forests, Mines and Lands

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BC Mineral Exploration and Mining: (link opens in new window)
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BC Minerals Geoscience: (link opens in new window)
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The Ministry manages the development of BC’s energy, mining and petroleum resources sector.  They are responsible for a range of policies and programs related to mineral exploration and mining.  These responsibilities include permitting, mining inspections and safety, geosciences, skills training, and educational programs.  By promoting teamwork and strong working relationships with clients, The Ministry tries to facilitate a thriving, safe, environmentally responsible and competitive sector. These initiatives will help the Ministry to try and contribute to the economic growth and development of communities throughout British Columbia.

Ministry of Environment: Environment Protection Division, Peace Region

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This division has four areas of focus under the main office of the Ministry of Environment.  They are: environmental management, environmental quality, integrated pest management and flood hazard management.  Their environmental quality group assesses the impact of pollution from a wide variety of sources and ambient monitoring of the air, land, plants and water.

Natural Resources Canada

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This department seeks to enhance the responsible development and use of Canada’s natural resources and the competitiveness of Canada’s natural resource products.  They develop policies and programs that enhance the contribution of the natural resources sector to the economy and to help improve the quality of life for all Canadians.

Peace River Coal Corporation

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Peace River Coal is a limited partnership between Anglo American plc., Northern Energy and Mining Inc., and Hillsborough Resources Ltd.  The company produces high quality metallurgical coal from for export.  Peace River Coal has three projects in the South Peace: the Trend Mine, Roman Mountain Project and Horizon Mine. 

Western Coal Corporation

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Incorporated in 1997 and headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Western currently produces metallurgical coal from mines in northern BC.  These coal properties in BC have over 127 million tonnes of reserves and over 230 million tonnes of resources.  Western’s goal is to produce and sell over 7 million tonnes of high quality metallurgical coal to top steel workers around the world.  Western Coal strives to demonstrate that the company will safely conduct its operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  This display of environmental and social responsibility is promoted for regulators, First Nations, local communities and other stakeholders.  Western has won many safety awards for its mining activity.  The Brule Mine received the John T. Ryan safety award in 2004 for being one of the safest mines in Canada.