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Projects Happening in
the South Peace Region

Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts (Dawson Creek)

  • The historic post office in downtown Dawson Creek will be the new home for a community arts centre.
  • The 42,000 square foot building will be converted into a community and cultural centre and will feature the Kiwanis performing arts centre, a multi-purpose theatre space, meeting rooms, dance and textile studios and administration offices.
  • The building will also be retro-fitted with up-to-date technology to lesson the buildings environmental impact.
  • The building is a tribute to former mayor Calvin Kruk.

Dokie Wind Project (Chetwynd)

  • Plutonic Power Corp. and GE Energy Financial Services created the Dokie Wind Partnership.
  • The partnership has lead to a fully permitted 300 megawatt wind farm project.
  • Phase one of the project will be erecting 48, 3-megawatt wind turbines on Dokie Ridge outside of Chetwynd, BC.
  • The first phase is estimated to generate 331 gigawatt hours of electricity a year, enough to power 32,000 homes.

Finavera Wildmare Ridge Wind Project (Chetwynd)

  • Finavera was recently awarded the project by BC Hydro.
  • It will incorporate 38 wind turbines on Wildmare Ridge generating 77 megawatts of power.
  • It could be operational by November of 2012.

Liquid Nitrogen Plant (Dawson Creek)

  • Ferus Incorporated has started construction of the Liquid Nitrogen plant which will be located just outside Dawson Creek.
  • It comes with a capital investment of $20 million.
  • The state-of-the-art facility will enable Ferus to meet the demands for liquid nitrogen in the area.  Liquid Nitrogen is used to stimulate production of natural gas from wells.
  • The plant is currently under production and will be completed and fully operational by 2011.

Reclaimed Water Plant (Dawson Creek)

  • The City of Dawson Creek and Shell Canada have reached an agreement to build the city’s Reclaimed Water Plant.
  • The effluent currently released in Dawson Creek will be treated by the Water Plant to a suitable standard.  The water will then be used for industrial and municipal purposes such as oil and gas production, dust control on roads, and watering sports fields.
  • The use of reclaimed water will end the consumption of the City’s potable water for industrial use and significantly reduce the amount of water drawn from the Kiskatinaw River.
  • The unique approach to treated effluent is used in only a few other jurisdictions in North America.
  • The ten year agreement is subject to electoral approval as of September 2010.

Quality Wind Project (Tumbler Ridge)

  • Capital Power LP is proposing a $455 million wind project 10 km northeast of Tumbler Ridge.
  • The development consists of a 142 megawatt wind energy farm that would include 79 wind turbine generators, one substation, 22 km transmission line, access and maintenance roads and other associated infrastructure.
  • The project has just received an environmental assessment certificate.

Central South Mine (Chetwynd-proposed)

  • First Coal Corporation is proposing an open pit mine located 50km west of Chetwynd.
  • The mine life is estimated to be between 10 and 15 years.
  • First Coal is currently extracting 50,000 tonnes of coal from this 2km wide, 10km long coal seam.  Testing of this coal will determine the mining method and the coal type for customers.

Herman Mine (Tumbler Ridge-proposed)

  • Western Coal Corp. is locating an open pit mine 20km south of Tumbler Ridge.
  • It has an estimated mine life of 20 years.
  • The mine will be part of the Wolverine group of coal properties and will provide additional feed to the Wolverine coal preparation plant.

Horizon Mine (Tumbler Ridge-Proposed)

  • This is a proposed underground mining project to take place 25km south of Tumbler Ridge.
  • The mine is owned by Peace River Coal Partnership and is expected to have a 15 year life.
  • It has to potential to produce 2 million tonnes of coal a year and could employ up to 400 people.

Roman Mountain Project (Tumbler Ridge-proposed)

  • This open pit mine is to be located 25km south of Tumbler Ridge and has a projected mine life of 10 years.
  • The mine is owned by Peace River Coal Partnership and is estimated to produce 3 million tonnes of coal per year.
  • The mine will attempt to integrate with the Trend Mine as much as possible.